Rasora SA - About Us

Created in the fifties, the Rasora shop, which was situated in 4 Rue du Port in Geneva, is undoubtedly the razor specialist, and the slogan " a clean shaved man ensures success " was always approved.

The shop was taken up in 1993 by Mister Mathys, he worked there for over ten years. An original story for Maurice Mathys, who met accidentally his former boss on holidays in the United States. This one proposed him a job, and today, it is Maurice the boss! Unfortunately, the Rasora shop had to close its doors in June 2017 for economic reasons.

But you can find on our site some brands of manual razors. You will also find shaving products, shaving brushed and straight razors of our grandfather! You will discover all the products to maintain the beard. Rasora also proposes mirrors, razors and hair clippers/trimmers.