Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger

Create in 1988 by Neil Jagger, Edwin Jagger is a family company completely dedicated to the male shaving.

From the beginning, a will is asserted: ally the technical innovation and the beautiful manufacturing (Sheffield, where they are settled, is the English homeland of the flight mechanics).

Edwin Jagger, is thus a beautiful and serious range of badgers, razors, sets, and other accessories of care. It is also a collection of creams and shaving soaps at the forefront of the current needs for skin-friendly natural products.

The whole with a sober and elegant presentation and a value for money which also appreciate the numerous amateurs of this English brand.

16.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
14.86 CHF
139.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
129.06 CHF
115.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
106.78 CHF
229.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
212.63 CHF
12.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
11.14 CHF
159.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
147.63 CHF
165.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
153.20 CHF
8.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
7.43 CHF
16.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
14.86 CHF
22.00 CHF (Inc. tax)
20.43 CHF