PRORASO Skin care kit "Gino" - green range - eucalyptus & menthol

PRORASO Skin care kit "Gino" - green range - eucalyptus & menthol

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Skin care kit "Gino" - green range - eucalyptus & menthol

This skin care kit contains different products from the green range - eucalyptus & menthol - from Proraso. They are contained in a beautiful metallic box with a vintage style "Gino". Its size is 21.5cm x 23cm x 7.7cm.

This box is an excellent gift for who wants to begin with the traditional shaving.

The green range, with eucalyptus and menthol, is developed for any beard. The eucalyptus oil tones and purifies your facial hair and skin while the menthol helps refresh and revitalize. It will really wake you up in the morning!

The skin care kit contains some essential products for a quality shaving:

  • A pre-shave cream - glass pot of 100ml: help soften the beard stubble before shaving
  • A shaving cream - tube of 150ml: give a close, smooth, irritation free shave
  • An aftershave balm - glass bottle of 100ml: with alcohol, moisturises and rehydrate your skin after shaving.

How for use: Wet your face and apply the pre-shave cream. Massage with circular movements and do not rinse.
Then apply the shaving cream with a badger brush or fingers in a circular motion. The razor glides evenly over the skin without resistance.
Finally, after the shave, apply the aftershave balm to your face massaging gently in circular movements to facilitate absorption. Cologne can be used after the balm to strengthen the fragrance.