PRORASO Shaving foam - 50ml

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Shaving foam - 300ml

This shaving foam from Proraso has a special texture, rich and creamy, and is ideal for a close shave. It protects, softens and prevents irritation.

These small 50 ml foam bottles are ideal for travel.

It exists different fragrances (colours):

  • Eucalyptus oil: & menthol (green): Developed for regular skins.
    The eucalyptus oil tones and purifies your facial hair and skin while the menthol helps refresh and revitalize.
  • Oat & green tea (white): Developed for sensitive skins.
    The oatmeal extract has a moisturizing and soothing effect that will not disturb the skin’s pH and the green tea is a natural antioxidant rich in polyphenols and minerals.
  • Sandalwood oil & shea butter (red): Developed for thick, coarse hairs.
    Shea butter keeps your skin soft and supple while sandalwood oil has a calming and soothing effect.
  • Aloe vera & vitamine E (blue): Developed for normal to sensitive skin.
    Comforts your skin with extra-soothing and softening ingredients. The Vitamin E protects and nourishes dry, rough skin while the aloe vera provides extra hydration that softens and soothes.
  • Shea butter & Cocoa butter (yellow): Developed for sensitive skins. Its rich and creamy formula allows a close and delicate shave, with a regenerating and nourishing feeling for dry skin.
    The cocoa Butter contains natural antioxidants and is rich in Vitamin E that helps nourishing the skin while shea butter regenerates your skin and keep it soft and supple. The macadamia oil is nourishing and skin protecting, moisturizing and stimulating the processes vital to the tone and integrity of the skin.

Direction for use: Apply shaving foam with a brush or fingers in a circular motion. The razor glides evenly over the skin without resistance.