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MÜHLE Shaving set "SOPHIST" 4 pieces

MÜHLE Shaving set "SOPHIST" 4 pieces - shaving brush Silvertip badger/Mach3 razor/handle in porcelain

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Shaving set "SOPHIST" 4 pieces

This beautiful 4-parts shaving set from the SOPHIST collection and done by Mühle contains :

10 blades are included with this shaving set.

The handles of the shaving brush and the razor from this set are made of porcelain with chromed metal accents.

It has the following measures:

Dimensions: 90 mm x 180 mm
Weight: 356 g

Directions for use: After use, the shaving brush should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and hung to dry in a suitable stand.

Shaving brush Silvertip badger:

Among connoisseurs, silvertip badger is regarded as the pièce de résistance: Only the best badger hair is used for these purely handcrafted shaving brushes. The hairs are particularly soft and flexible, and their fine, conically tapes possess the ability to retain a large amount of water and produce a dense, creamy lather. Another sign of quality is the even black band running horizontally through the predominantly silvery gleaming hair. This premium product is manufactured using historical tools in an artisan procedure mastered by only a few specialists worldwide.

Gillette® Mach3® razor:

The Gillette® Mach3® system is one of the most frequently used shaving systems in the world. Three progressively spaced blades guarantee a comfortable and close shave. Wet shave razors from MÜHLE are compatible with the systems Gillette® Mach3® and Mach3® Turbo.

Handle in porcelain:

Its manufactures dates back to ancient China; in Europe, 'white gold' was first produced in 1708. An elegant, delicate material which must be worked with extreme care. Each body is shaped, glazed and fired by hand. Subsequently, the top and bottom of the handles are combined with chrome-plated brass fittings.

The SOPHIST collection is cultivated and exquisite.
Connoisseurs love the harmonious combination of classic form and the best materials.